【Today's topics】

1.What will Japan be like in 10 years?

2.What do you think about the spread of robots?

3.What kind of jobs do you think will disappear?

4.What will you have to be able to do in future?




B: 10年後にはたくさんのことが変わっているはず。人がしていることの大半は近い将来自動化されると思うよ。例えば、運転手がいない車はいっぱいでてくる。

A: なるほど。もうロボットは僕たちの生活に浸透しつつあるからね。ロボットの普及についてはどう思う?


A: 賛成。間違いなくロボットは大きな助けになる。でも、何か悪い面もあると思わないかい?ほとんどの仕事はロボットで代替できるから、かなりの人が職を失うってのをよく耳にするよ。それに関してはどう思う?

B: 僕も何回も聞いたよ。でも、それはいい変化だと思う。歴史の話をすると、なにか新しい技術が発明されると人は仕事を失ってきた。産業革命は典型的な例。仕事がなくなってから、また新しいタイプの仕事が出てきた。だからこれから新しい仕事が創られて、社会は良くなると思う。

A: いいこと言うね。新しい仕事が出てくる前に、どんな仕事がなくなると思う?

B: さっき言った通り、自動運転の車が普及するから、タクシーやバスの運転手は間違いなく仕事がなくなると思う。それと、工場で働く人も仕事がなくなるのは簡単に想像がつくなー。単純作業をする人はロボットにすぐに取って代わられる。将来クビにならないために、どんなことができないといいけないと思う?

A: うーん、なかなか難しい質問。多分創造性と論理的な考え方が重要だね。君が言ったとおり、単純作業のような何も考えないでいい仕事はロボットに奪われる。それなら僕らは考える習慣をつくらないといけないんじゃないかな。


A: What will Japan be like in 10 years?

B: Many things will have been changed in 10 years. I suppose most of the things people do now will be automated in near future. For example, there will be a lot of cars that do not have a driver.

A: I see. Now, robots are about to get into our daily life. What do you think about the spread of robots?

B: I think It's great. Robots will make our life very easy. I want a robot that helps me with housework.

A: I agree with you. There is no doubt that robots can help us a lot. But, Don't you think there will be some bad points? I often hear that a large number of people will lose their jobs because most of their work can be replaced by robots. What do you think about it?

B: I also hear that many times. To be fair, I think it's a good trend. Talking about history, people always lost their jobs when new technology was invented. The Industrial Revolution is a typical example. After they lost jobs, many new types of jobs appeared. That's why I think new jobs will be created, and it will improve our societies.

A: That's a good point. Before new types of jobs appear, what kind of jobs do you think will disappear?

B: As I said earlier, automated cars will be wildely used soon. It means that people engaged in driving taxi or bus will definitely lose their jobs. Also, I can easily imagine that workers in factories will lose their jobs. People who do very simple and boring tasks will be replaced by robots soon. In order to keep yourself employed in future, what will you have to be able to do?

A: Let me see. That's a quite difficult question. Maybe creativity and logical thinking are the keys. As you said, very simple tasks, in which you don't have to think, will be taken away by robots. Then, I suppose we have to make a custom of thinking.